• Change Detection Software

  • You need to...

    ...process tons of remote sensing data

    You have to visualize terabytes of data every day to monitor your operations?

    ... find needles in haystacks

    You need help sorting out relevant information​ from background noise?

    ... save time in analysis reports

    You are spending hours to report findings of your surveillance?

  • Our Product

    We have developed an advanced software that will help you automatize the analysis of changes in your images.


    In the blink of an eye, capture the changes and information relevant to your business.

    How it works

    Step 1

    Feed your surveillance images into our software.

    Step 2

    They will be automatically processed.

    Step 3

    You will receive ready to use intelligence reports formatted according to your requirements.

  • Benefits


    Track the changes unseen by the naked eye and analyze within seconds data that would have required hours to process manually.


    Get ready to use information embedded directly into your processes thanks to the compability of our software with most GIS systems. Choose the level of automation you need.


    Upload any type of imagery. Our algorithm can process most image inputs, whatever the source (satellite, plane, drone or ground camera), the technology (visible, infrared or radar images) or the resolution.


    Work with as little as two images and up to as many as one can produce, thanks to an algorithm designed from day one to offer high parallelization capabilities.

  • Detect new constructions

    Construction of a new IKEA


    Orléans, France, from Landsate 8 satellite

    Août 2013- Septembre 2016

    Track industrial activity

    25% of change in ship traffic in a harbour


    Le Havre, France

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  • FAQ

    What kind of data can I use?

    We can integrate any kind of data in our software: whether it is satellite, aerial or ground data but also whether it is visible high resolution, infrared or radar data.

    Is there is any requirement for the pictures I upload?

    Before being uploaded, the pictures you want to compare have to be coregistered.

    Do I need specific skills for that?

    Our software is user friendly, anybody can use it. Just like Google Maps.

    Can I choose the kind of change I want to detect?

    You can choose the kind of changes you want to detect. We let you set it up by choosing the option you prefer between sharp or smooth edges for example.

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